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 Frequently Asked 

  • What's needed?
    Warrior mobile Gaming, Will only need access to water and a power outlet. And a clear area for our equipment.
  • Is the foam safe?
    YES! Just DON'T EAT THE FOAM. Our foam solution doesn’t cause harm to eyes, skin or the environment. It is strictly a foaming agent.
  • Is cleanup easy?
    Cleanup is very easy. The leftover foam will disappear all by itself or for quicker cleanup can be sprayed with a garden hose.
  • How do I know the trailer can come to my house?
    As long as your street isn’t a too slanted, we can come. Otherwise, you can divert us to a nearby park, church or parking lot! We need up to 60 feet of cleared space (fairly flat). We will not park in alley ways. The reason is there is too often low hanging tree branches and/or other debris that is damaging to our Trailer wrap which diminishes the exterior product of your party. Although our drivers are skilled we prefer to pull straight into the allotted space, parallel parking a game theater is just not realistic. If your street is narrow and/or we will not have the room to turn around please notify us beforehand.
  • Can you park in my driveway?
    Our policy does not allow us to park in the driveway. Ultimately, it is up the the driver's descresion when he/she arrives to your event as google maps or pictures only provide so much information. However, there my be exceptions. To see if your driveway is an option please contact us to verify before reserving.
  • Is there an age limit to the gamers?
    While people can start gaming at a very young age, we typically only run game trailer parties for gamers 8 years and older.
  • Do we need to supervise the party?
    While parents or others are always welcome to observe or participate in the fun, it is normally not necessary, however we do ask that at least one adult/host be present to help supervise younger kids. Every Warrior Mobile Gaming event includes one of our highly trained Game Coaches who will run the event for you. We cannot monitor each game session for every child at all times.
  • Are food and beverages allowed inside the game theater?
    Due to our premium quality theater and our commitment to the cleanest and most impeccable game truck in our industry, we do not allow any food or beverages in our video game truck.
  • What about bad weather?
    Since our game truck is fully enclosed, insulated, and in a climate controlled environment, rain is never an issue and we will still show up for your party/event. If we’re expecting heavy snow, high winds or a severe storm that threatens the safety of our game theater or your guests, we hold the right to reschedule your event at a later time. We will do our best to find a rescheduled time that works best for both you and us. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF A TORNADO WARNING/WATCH IS ISSUED FOR YOUR AREA. THE GAME COACH WILL STOP ALL ACTIVIES. THIS ALSO GOES FOR SEVERE WEATHER WARNINGS THAT MAY TURN IN A TORNADO WARNING/WATCH. THIS IS FOR EVERYONES SAFETY. ​
  • What time will you arrive?
    We will arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the event in order to set-up and rest assured, our door will be open for your guests by the start of your party time!
  • Do I have to pay for the party in advance?
    Our reservations go quickly. In order to hold your booking date, you must confirm with your $100 non-refundable deposit at time of reservation. Remaining balance can be paid in at advance or on the date of party with cash, or a valid credit card/ debit card. NO PERSONNAL CHECKS, are gift cards of any kind. We ONLY allow our gift vouchers purchased from our website.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    A valid credit card or debit card is required a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to guarantee and pay for your Warrior Mobile Gaming reservation. Remaining balance is due at time of arrival. NO REFUND in the event of your reservation being canceled. We will make every effort to postpone your event, with no penalty, to another date should cancellation be necessary. We reserve the right to cancel a party at anytime without refund.
  • Do you have internet for the gamers?
    Short answer. Yes. Longer answer. Yes, BUT. While we do carry onboard internet, sometimes we often end up partying in a location with poor cellular service (which means we can not play games which require internet in any capacity). Our coaches will work to bring the best experience and internet they can. If internet is determined to be inaccessible or unacceptable, the coaches will shift from attempting internet gaming to bringing the best party experience with only offline games. We do not provide refunds for internet inaccessibility.
  • Should I be concerned about safety?
    Warrior Mobile Gaming laser tag is fun and safe! No paint ball pain or mess! There is no actual “Laser,” just a beam of infrared light. It’s the same technology that TV remotes use. We will give safety instructions to guests prior to game play, and do a quick scan of the game play area to reduce hazards. Due to the nature of the game (running, hiding, etc.) all guests must sign a “hold harmless” waiver prior to participating in any Warrior Mobile Gaming Laser Tag game. We want all your guests to be safe…and have FUN! We will provide you with a wavier.
  • How many can play at one time?
    We provide laser taggers for up to 14 guests, but if need be can rotate guests through games to be sure everybody gets plenty of play time. (Laser Tag birthday parties are best suited for groups of 14 or less so there is no “waiting to play”, but we are happy to rotate as needed.) Bring them on!
  • Do I need a waiver to play laser tag?
    YES! Every participant in Warrior Mobile Gaming events must have a signed waiver form. For minors (under the age of 18) a parent or adult guardian must sign the form. Please have signed forms ready for our Game Coach prior to the onset of Game Play. We will also have waivers on hand just in case.
  • What about bad weather?
    Laser Tag play can be affected by severe or very wet weather (unless indoor play at a larger venue is planned.) There may be occasions when the weather does not want to cooperate with your scheduled party.
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